Off The Beaten Path

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Ask me who my favorite player in the NBA is… One of the best point guards ever to play the game Chauncey Billups. He has been the engine for 2 very successful NBA teams and continues to give it 100% night in and night out.  Joe Dumars (Detroit’s Gm) what were you thinking. Trading CB for an diminutive guard that struggles on the defensive end. 

As smoke turns into fire then slowly dies out again so has the career of Allen Iverson. That is an show that has finally worn thin and after almost 900 theatrical performances has finally come to and end. Again Joe Dumars (Detroit’s Gm) what were you thinking!

Chauncey your legacy is safe with me.

As For Iverson keep stoking that ego, loathing and ignoring you teammates. Rebuke everyone but take a look in the mirror guy.

Sorry Cleveland just had to get that off my chest finally.*Nov 07 - 00:05*


Battle of the Bloody 7

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Ah yes home court advantage thru the playoffs, should be a breeze right? NOPE, the 2009 playoffs are setting up to be the one of the best post seasons ever, which in my opinion will lead to many game 7 throw downs especially in the west. Ok lets cut the bull shit and answer the question at hand. Do I think the Cavs have what it takes to win the NBA Finals? Well…. maybe, As the butchers of the Eastern Conference the Cavs slaughtered even the top seeded Celtics but don’t let that fool you, the Cavs size wise are still a small team. That alone makes me question a finals run. The 3 point shots from never land will only get you so far, basketball is a combination of inside the paint carnage and an onslaught of 12 ft jumpers, with only one or the other you are destined to fail. A few years ago Lebron James looked at Drew Gooden after getting rejected, and said with a flex of the muscle, ” Go strong Drew” an image I will never forget, that is the mentality that is going to win the finals. The Detroit pistons are gonna bring it all in the first round which shouldn’t be taken as a gimme. Even without old washed up Iverson its gonna be a clash against Rasheed and his beheading ways.
The Beating of Detroit may lead to the Cavs having to play Orlando sooner or later which I would rather not deal with. The Cavs would rather face Boston than Dwight Howard who in my opinion is the 2nd best defencive player in the league behind LBJ. 

Finally  the infamous LA Lakers, “fast break makers Kings of the court shake and bake all takers” ….right right …who could forget those lyrics. This year they are gonna have to defend them against Cleveland! Bryant, Gasol, Bynum and Odom a lethal combination when it comes to size over Mo Williams and Delonte. But in the end, the hostility and assault will be won under the steel, when Big Ben rings a few bells the truth will be told and the city that has failed so many times in the past will come together and the King will receive his crown. Go Cavs!

And away we go….

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Indians vs kc royals, What I did see was a much improved Carl Pavono over his first appearance. What I didn’t see was many inside fast balls. No jamb jobs at all! I have always been under the impression that it is easier for a hitter to pull a pitch that is outside vs an inside heater. As for the Tribe I did’nt think they played all that bad, would like to have seen some more aggressiveness in base running before you get 2 outs and are behind 2 runs! It is just a standard Eric wedge move. I am a huge fan of Eric wedge but I just don’t understand why he seems to have to wait till after the opposing team does collateral damage to pull a pitcher or start a runner. If you ever watch Terry Francona from the Red Soxs you will see how he reads the pitcher and doesn’t care who’s on the mound, when they are spent they are spent. I would have mentioned Ozzie G but he really is dead to me.
As for offence, well…. give it time I would’nt use Texas as a starting point to rate the Tribes hitting, though I sure would have like to see the Gute and the Blakinator around. The one bad note that I did see on Tuesdays game was the balls right over the plate and no cuts taken. This wouldn’t be the first time this started off as a problem in the beginning of the season. If i remember correctly 2 years ago it was hard to watch a game for me due to strike outs taken just watching the ball fly right over the plate. IF Pony league ball had taught me anything its that if you swing good things will happen unless the count is 3-2 then you’re on your own.
Everyone one knows that baseball is a game of pitching so come on tribe lets get some confidence and not play catch-up all season. As for Josh Beckett, you will never make the hall of fame ever. Go Tribe